A new generation of p-trap is here.

  Fast and easy to install. 




The Flex P-trap is the world’s first self-cleaning P-trap to use capillaries walls with a unique dual-action. First it reduces the contact surface, second it lubricates the contact surfaces of particles (hair) with the wall. The dirt (hair) on the surface is picked up by the water and washed off the P-trap.


A P-trap is a small pipe or tube shaped like the letters U, S or J,  assembled in the low-point of a plumbing sink. The purpose of the P-trap is to prevent sewer gases from escaping outside, in the occupied space of the building. 


The Flex P-trap will not leak.

The Flex P-trap will not clog (video 30B).

The Flex P-trap will not freeze.

The Flex P-trap will not dry out.

The Flex P-trap will fit with all disposal models (video 14A, video 14B, video14C, video14D).

The Flex P-trap will eliminate vibrations completely (video 21A, video 21B).

The Flex P-trap will fit and will align with all plumbing fixtures and drains.

The Flex P-trap was tested for more than five years.


You can save money by installing it yourself.


Flex P-trap is marketed and distributed by FLEX P-TRAP LLC.


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