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Flex P-Trap for sink

Flex P-trap is easy to align with the draining pipes, easy to attach and detach with other plumbing fixtures, it fits with different diameters used in draining sinks and is self-cleaning.

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When using Flex P-traps keep the plumbing codes in mind. The Flex P-trap should be used to make up a small misalignment while still following the basic standards of drain system design.

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The Flex P-trap is the world’s first self-cleaning P-trap to use capillaries wall with a unique dual-action. First, it reduces the contact surface, second it lubricates the contact surfaces of the particles (hair) with the wall.

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The purpose of the p-trap is to prevent sewer gases from escaping outside in occupied space of building. The p-trap retains a small amount of water and will seal sewer draining from the occupied space.

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Determine your size

Use this page to find the right type and size of the p-trap you need: for bathroom, kitchen and laundry sinks, bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs, RV sinks, pedestal sinks.

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Delivery information

The Flex P-Trap can be shipped only to valid US addresses. International shipping is not available at this time. Overnight delivery is available for a fee of $20 per product.

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