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A new generation of p-trap is here.

  Fast and easy to install. 



A P-trap is a small pipe or tube shaped like the letters U, S or J,  assembled in the low-point of a plumbing sink. The purpose of the P-trap is to prevent sewer gases from escaping outside, in the occupied space of the building. 


The Flex P-trap will not leak.

The Flex P-trap will not clog (video 29A, video 30A).

The Flex P-trap will not freeze.

The Flex P-trap will not dry out.

The Flex P-trap will fit with disposal models (video 14A, video 14B).

The Flex P-trap will eliminate vibrations completely (video 21A, video 21B).

The Flex P-trap will fit with all plumbing fixtures and drains.

The Flex P-trap was tested for more than five years.


You can save money by installing it yourself.


Flex P-trap is marketed and distributed by FLEX P-TRAP LLC.


Click here to see a list of all parts available.



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